Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I like the flowers...

Tomorrow is the last performance of Jean Anouilh's Antigone in the gardens of Pembroke College, Cambridge. 3pm, tickets are £4, if by any chance you happen to be in the vicinity and in a play-going mood. I mention it coz I'm in it (as Haemon). This isn't - or isn't just - a tenuous excuse for self-promotion and the like. I wanted to post this video because it makes me smile, and it's linked to 'Antigone' in that it's virtually the same song as the one that we use to warm up pre-rehearsal/-performance:

Happy-making, no?
And the video below (even closer to the aforementioned warm-up song) is arguably even happier-making-er...

*Satisfied Grin*...
I second liz553's comment on the youtube page - "OMG this the best song ever!!!!"

If that song is now stuck irrevocably in your head - well then, you should be happy. But if you aren't and you want something else for to take over your cranium, then here's two more flower-related songs, both of them beautiful in their own special way:

mp3: Ryan Adams - Wild Flowers
(from Gold)

mp3: Spinal Tap - (Listen To The) Flower People
(from This is Spinal Tap - the soundtrack is here, the DVD here)

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