Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Flobots - 'Handlebars' - maybe a one-hit-wonder, but still, it's a hit.

OK here's a possibly-dangerous and pessimistic prediction. I don't think Flobots are ever gonna hit the bigtime. Despite the potential-hit-ness of 'Handlebars', my gut-feeling is that it's a one-off. On their myspace, 'Rise' is pretty good, but there's nothing that has the instant-WOW-ness of 'Handlebars'. I like them and all, I like the whole kerazee genre mash-up, hip-hop-with-violins and all - but I don't see them ever going properly global. I think we'll have forgotten about them in a year's time. And their name SUCKS. I dunno why I'm saying this, I think it might just be the risk (trivial as it is) of being made to look foolish when they take over the universe, and the claims to be able to lead a nation with a microphone (see below) prove true...

Regardless of the future, 'Handlebars' is kinda awesome, despite making me think a little bit of nu-metal without the metal, if that makes sense. Watch the video, listen to the track - it's hard not to like. So like it :)

mp3: [mp3 removed]
(from Fight With Tools)

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