Thursday, 6 November 2008

Current Obsession - Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love

So there haven't been any posts in like a month, more, whatever.
But for some reason, and I certainly ain't complaining, this site still gets a certain amount of hits, even the occasional encouraging comment (thank youuuuuuuuuuuu!). So I figured I'd use this platform to share something that I feel is worth sharing.

I'm currently listening to this song on repeat, coz it's amazing. I've already blogged about Florence & The Machine. I still feel guilty for describing 'Kiss With A Fist' as "a song about domestic violence" (I just changed that description, btw), despite being aware of the fact that it obviously isn't meant to be taken literally, and then reading this, her myspace blog post headed "Kiss with a fist is NOT a song about domestic violence." Would it be totally arrogant of me to wonder vaguely if she had actually read my blog?? If you are, Florence, I am unabashedly sorry. Also, you're awesome! Yay! You make me want to jump up and down exuberantly and scream, in a good way.

mp3: Florence & The Machine - You Got The Love (Live at Bestival)

It's the Candi Staton song! Candi Staton whose new album is a "praise and worship CD". Gosh. Watch the video of Florence's version right here:

Good, isn't it? Actually, "good" doesn't cover it. Just as soon as I finish this darned essay I'm going to put this on really really loud and bounce around. I mean, the act of putting the song on later would require me to switch it off first, but anyway... Aw man, I so need to do this essay. Meh.

Another Happy-Making Thing: She's got a new video! Yay! *checks YouTube* - Correction - the video has just been taken down. Sad! It's for the new single, Dog Days Are Over, and it's really good, the video makes me think of this video, except on a lower budget. I hope it shall return soon :(


Anonymous said...

single b-side version on Rob da Bank show this week, a little more polished...

Anonymous said...

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