Tuesday, 23 January 2007

John Doe the 'Paradise Lost' fan

When you create a blog on blogger, it gives you a choice of templates. The following is the "preview" of what the template "Dots" could look like:


So the apparent owner of this blog is a guy called John Doe, from California, whose avatar is a penguin, whose posts consist of quotations from 'Paradise Lost' (yes I did have to google it to be sure, even though I supposedly got into Cambridge to study English Literature... :s). Am I the only one who finds this a little bit creepy? Probably only because I've seen 'Se7en' (which I liked a lot despite the silly gimmicky '7 instead of v' thing), in which the serial killer goes by the name of John Doe. I mean, if that was a real blog, if this John Doe did leave unprompted comments on his own posts - comments that are just more of 'Paradise Lost' - well, you'd think he might be a little strange, right?

Maybe there are a hundred variations on this post from all the others who've started up a blogger account, but I wouldn't know how to find them. Any enlightenment would be cool.

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