Sunday, 4 February 2007

a rather belated and underwhelming explanation of why this blog is called what it is called...

OK so no posts for like two weeks, but fear not, I have not given up this lark, I am officially back, probably not "back with a vengeance" or anything like that (not, say, "Silverese 2: Silver-easier", to extend the Die Hard metaphor...), but still.
Sooooo - I mean no one seems to have actually visited this site yet, so it's not like there was anyone eagerly awaiting an update, but...

"Silverese" comes from the song 'We Are Nowhere And It's Now' by Bright Eyes.

But I don't know if it actually does, I'd always thought that the line goes:
"And she took a small silver wreath and pinned it on to me"
and that's what most of the lyrics sites say too, but when I was looking up the guitar chords on the lyrics printed above the chords said "silverese" instead, and I thought that was just a really cool word.

So that's basically it - hence "underwhelming". And I mean maybe you guessed that without needing this explanation, so yeah... ah well.

If you want some extra detail, that may compromise my privacy and open me up to the possibility of identity theft, I also used the word as my password (well, kinda, actually in a different form, so maybe my identity is safe after all); I went and changed all my passwords before starting this blog, so that's all OK.

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