Saturday, 22 March 2008

getting (re)started

So, more than a year later...
A year?!?!
Yeah, so the last post was on 4th February 2007, and now it's 22nd March 2008...eek.

Anyways, this is kinda a test, seeing as I'm all inexperienced and naive and all, unlearned in the ways of blogging (*represses urge to put inverted commas around any variation on the word 'blog'*).
Hoooopefully, if this works, you (the imaginary reader) will be able to download files - specifically mp3s in this case at least - from this website. Yay...

And the first song to be downloadable is this:

Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down
(highly recommended)

When I first heard it, on a five-song sampler for their new album Twenty One (out Monday) it was called 'Girl Next Door', which though it fits with the general sentiment, if you wanna be pedantic, I guess it should be 'Girl Next Door But One' if it's the girl who lives two doors down...
Anyways, it's a lovely sweet amazing pop song, and it includes this line:
I hear that she likes to dance around the room to a worn-out twelve-inch of 'Marquee Moon'
It also includes a Smiths-y middle-eight bit which makes me think of that moving-your-head-side-to-side dance that Jay and Silent Bob do...
So basically it's totally awesome dude, download it. :)

And the album - I really like it. It makes me happy when a band who got loads of hype first time round come back with a second album that's actually good (better than the first - yeah, probably). OK so it would have been nice if their Dad was still in the band, and one of them does have very silly hair, but still.
What d'you think of the cover? D'you think they hired someone who has different-looking feet. If so, do you think he or she is divided straight down the middle, maybe stitched together, Frankenstein-style... If it's just two people - WHERE ARE THEIR OTHER LEGS?! Those mysterious Jets, eh? Eh?

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