Sunday, 30 March 2008

In which two bands announce dates in Cambridge (yay) and I risk legal action by sharing mp3s (nay)

New Subways song :)
And it's free :)
As in properly, legally free, not just leaked and illegally hosted and shared by me :)
So I'm not going to prison :)
Not for sharing this track anyway...

MP3: The Subways - Girls & Boys (highly recommended)
(You can also get this off their official website)

First thought - really heavy... like you expect Zack de la Rocha to start singing after the big riff comes in. Sounds like they've really come along as a band (not get all patronising or nothin' - they're young and all, but still older than me).

And they've announced a new UK tour:

Sun 18-May Wrexham Central Station
Tues 20-May Preston 53 Degrees
Wed 21-May Coventry Kasbah
Sat 24-May Sheffield Foundry
Mon 26-May Peterborough Cresset
Tues 27-May Portsmouth Wedgwood Rooms
Fri 30-May Leicester University
Sun 8-Jun Cambridge Junction
Tues 10-Jun Reading University
Wed 11-Jun London Koko

And look who else is playing Cambridge - on 2 May @ the Barfly, it's the Mystery Jets :)

Well, 'Girls & Boys' is the first track off of the new Subways album (called All or Nothing, out some time this summer), so here's the first track off of the new (and very excellent) Mystery Jets album (called Twenty One, out now). It's really good, the rest of the album is even better. And check out the the previous post on Mystery Jets here.

Mystery Jets - Hideaway (highly recommended)
(from Twenty One - yes, I'm linking to it again, it's that good)

Sadly, this one isn't quite as free 'n' legal as the Subways one, so looks like I am going to prison after all :(

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