Sunday, 28 September 2008

In which we get a little political on your collective: Introducing... Random Sanity

Keeping it simple, direct and (fairly) short (by my standards anyway)

Random Sanity are a three-piece from California.

This is an important song of theirs.

I advise you to listen to this song, especially (but by no means exclusively) if you are able to vote in the forthcoming US Presidential Election.

Here's the mp3:

mp3: Random Sanity - We The People

Here's their myspace.

Here's the video:

Maybe this blog doesn't get thaaaat many readers, maybe most of the readers aren't even from the US, maybe out of those who are from the US, the vast majority are planning on voting Democrat on November 4 anyway. But, as inappropriate as it might be to quote Tesco at this juncture, every little still undoubtedly helps.

Of course, it helps that the track is impressive enough on its own merits to stand independent from its political message. The band are very close to finishing a brand new album, and it's worth pointing out that 'We The People' is by no means the sum total of who Random Sanity are - the few other demos that I've heard show great potential (and I mean that in a hopefully-not-patronising way, as in they make you think "wow, these sound great already, and this is just a demo. Imagine the possibilities..."). But right now, there could scarcely be more at stake, and this song succinctly tells of the disasters of the Bush administration, both within the US and around the world, without forgetting the vital truth that now is the time to "make a stand", to "make a choice."

Please spread the message.

P.S. If you're bored of pro-Obama music blog posts - well, apologies I guess. But there's music as well. So, y'know, yay.
If you think this is earnest, typical liberal, etc etc - well, I guess it is. I dunno, whatever dude. But as far as I'm concerned, all this should not take away from the fact that this is IMPORTANT. I hope you agree with that, and even if you agree with nothing else, I hope you understand the motivation behind this post, and respect people's right to write similar blog-posts, magazine articles, billboards, comic books, whatever, no matter what their political views are.

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