Wednesday, 10 September 2008

It's not the end of the world?

cern-flower... anyone? no? Can ya hear me now????
Possibly for the first time since 1969, today saw a single event which, regardless of its success, demonstrated the greatness of human achievement, of humanity. We live in a world full of the darker side of what we have done: the consequences of our advancements, two hemispheres moving at completely different speeds from vastly separated starting points. Not that there have not been examples of humanity's ability to withstand attacks from within, in Europe in the first half of this century just as much as in Africa and Southern Asia now, and also from without, seemingly with ever greater frequency due, indeed, to the damage our environment has taken and is now inflicting back upon us. Today was an example of humanity being able to create, to explore itself and its past, just as the space program did, just as the cartographers of the pre-industrial era did. Of course, the world was never going to end today. If it had, however, humanity would have destroyed itself in its finest moment. Considering the future ahead of civilisation, maybe it should have ended today.

On a lighter note:

Normally I will not talk this much. ENIGMA!!!!!


Philip said...

yay joe is doing things on this blog and these things are good things and they are things that make me smile and think and think about smiling and then smile again. yay. also, i have a cold.


(bangs keyboard in frustration at the irony of having a cold in california)
oh, and i totally got the fact that that post was about CERN, i feel so cultured... it was, right? right?
and i greatly look forward to actually being able to listen to the lovely music that you are posting :)
keep up the good work and all. hope it wasn't too disappointing to find that the new comment is only from me, not from a real person :(

silverese said...

idunno if you even get these comments sent to yr inbox, but im writing this anyway coz im so happy. kings of leon are number one! with a song called sex on fire! this is so so so so so amazing. i am so happy. and you should be too. that is all. goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeee