Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Biffy Clyro's New Single - 'Mountains'

Is this not the greatest artwork EVER? Two lions wrestling each other. In the ocean. Beneath an iceberg. Or maybe the whole thing's in the sky and the 'iceberg' is just some crazy light effect. Whatevah. And it looks a bit like the Jaws poster. Doesn't it just scream "MANLY BEARDED MAN" or something like that?

Anyway, only 14 months after the release of the fantastic Puzzle, Biffy bring us another single, which is out on August 25. No clue if anything else will follow in the near future, but I'd guess that this is just a inter-album stop-gap. But that would kinda imply that the song sucks a little, and that would be a falsehood as big as them lions.

Biffy have turned into a massive great singles band, and this continues their run. I'd listen to it again in order to be able to say something more detailed and clever about it, but I'm currently listening to the Bon Iver album, and I don't want to disturb it's quiet brilliance with the bombast of Biffy. So just download, listen and be happy, yo.

mp3: [mp3 removed]

(go to their official site and buy tickets for their December tour, it's gonna be more than semi-mental - see, Biffy fans, I did a jokey-jokey - "hahahahaha" is the noise you should be making right about now...)

Oh, and you can watch the video here. Yay!

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