Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Late of the Pier - 'Heartbeat (Hot Chip Remix)'

Late of the Pier and Hot Chip are possibly the two most exciting names in British electronicky-indie. After a run of brilliant and eclectic singles, Late of the Pier are finally about to release Fantasy Black Channel, their pretty-much-brilliant debut album, the third of two-and-a-half Erol Alkan-produced 2008 indie records (the equally brilliant Twenty One by Mystery Jets, plus half of the slightly underwhelming "Couples" by The Long Blondes).

'Heartbeat' is the pre-album single (you can download it and watch the video here). This is the Hot Chip remix (yeah, I kinda said that already didn't I?). Despite my adoration for Hot Chip as an artist in their own right (they were one of the highlights of Glastonbury this year), their remixes (Winehouse, Ladytron &c) have thus far somewhat failed to stick with me. This here's my favouritest one so far. It's slightly strange, almost like three or four separate remixes glued together, but manages to pull off the twin (often seemingly mutually exclusive) goals of remixery: be different from the original and still end up as a coherent whole that works in its own right. What d'ya think? Please leave comments. Please...

mp3: [mp3 removed]

(buy Fantasy Black Channel here)