Friday, 15 August 2008

bye bye bye, i'm going away now. have a radiohead song!

I'm going to America, leaving in about 6 hours. And I should probably sleep in between now and then, so I'll keep this brief. I'm not gonna back from about 6 weeks. I figured I should tell you, my devoted readers. Y'know, all three of you or whatever :)

But I might write a little from time to time over the next 6 weeks, and more importantly, hopefully Joe might continue his contributions, which I have to say are awesome and awesome and good. Not like, the first one's awesome, the second one's awesome and the third one's good, just that all three can be described, individually and as a whole, as "awesome and awesome and good". So there.

Here's a beautiful song:

mp3: [mp3 removed]
(from Hail to the Thief)

And here's a song:

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