Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Muse & The Streets create music together for your listening pleasure or otherwise - 'Who Knows Who'

Wikipedia says that this leaked "early in 2008", which somewhat steals my thunder, but this record was Zane Lowe's Hottest Record In The World Right Now earlier tonight, and the news of its leak only just hit NME.com - well, here it is:

mp3: Muse & The Streets - Who Knows Who

This isn't slated to appear on Everything Is Borrowed, the new Streets album, out September 15. I don't know how/if it will be released, but the presence of everybody's favourite live band Muse is surely enough for a certain amount of sales, and therefore, from the record label's perspective, should warrant some kind of release. I can picture the advertisement on iTunes already...

Anyways - is it any good? Yeah I guess. I was never a maaaassive fan of Mike Skinner, and this is certainly The Streets feat. Muse rather than vice versa, for there aren't any Matt Bellamy vocals. Rage Against The Machine is the obvious reference point, but a very much British-ified version. If you're one of the many thousands of hardcore Muse fans then you're gonna download this, but I'm not sure you're gonna love it. I think the respective fan bases of Muse and The Streets don't cross over a huge amount. On a Venn diagram the middle bit would be fairly small imho. I could very well be completely wrong, especially given the fact that The Streets supported Muse at one of their Wembley dates in 2007. Your call...

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