Sunday, 4 May 2008

In which you will never listen to 'Hand Me Down' by the Mystery Jets in the same way ever again...

Follow these steps. At the end lie-eth amusement:

1. Download the song:

mp3: Mystery Jets - Hand Me Down
(Taken from Twenty One)

2. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Or don't. But do, really. Coz it's good.

3. Listen to it again. Go on, you know you want to. OK you don't have to, I'm just seeing how far I can abuse my position of power.

4. Remember the bit where, at 0:38, 0:45, and again later on, there's the background vocal "Do you love him?", a question the singer obligingly and informatively expands upon ("Maybe you do, Maybe you don't, Maybe you will, Maybe you won't" - gosh, the possibilities...).

5. Now watch this:

6. Good, isn't it? The sound quality leaves a bit to be desired, but can't win them all, right...
Anyway: "Do you love me?" in the Boosh version - it's exactly the bloody same as the "Do you love him?" in the Jets version!! Which is completely awesome, imho. Brings a whole new dimension to the original I feel.

Amusement should now have been achieved. Yeah, that was it, don't look all disappointed, or I'll be all over you, like a flannel.

One more thing - I'm not quite sure whether I never ever want to hear Julian Barratt saying the words "Suck me" again, or whether I want to hear it constantly as some kind of mantra for the rest of my days. Where do you stand on this important and contentious issue?

P.S. The picture is Tomma Abst’s 'Meko', image nicked (again) from Vulture. I think the reason it came to mind is because it reminded me of the cover of the DVD of Short Cuts, which is a picture of a broken heart (or a broken picture of a heart? who knows...), and one might speculate that a heart that has been 'passed around and around', 'like a hand-me-down', might be indeed broken.

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