Monday, 19 May 2008

First On The Blogs? (again) - New Single from The Subways

Hot damn, I'm on fire with juicy exclusive-ness. Like the car in the picture below. Except the car is on fire just with normal fire, not juicy exclusiveness. I'd imagine that juicy exclusiveness, if it is in fact in liquid form (as the word "juicy" would suggest) would be more of a retardant to fire than a fuel...

I like this album cover. Explosions are happy things.
It's very MANly, with the cars and the flames and all, but still.

Here's the lead single off of it, which isn't out for another 4 weeks:

mp3: [mp3 removed]
(taken from All or Nothing)

It's not as immediate as the singles from All or Nothing's predecessor, the aptly-named Young for Eternity, but to "make a change", as the lyrics go, is definitely a good thing as far as this band is concerned: whilst 'maturing' would normally mean 'getting boring', I think The Subways did kinda need it a bit. And I guess development was inevitable given the fact that:

(a) Young for Eternity was basically all about having fun as a teenager, and the romance between singer/guitarist Billy Lunn and bassist/singer Charlotte Cooper.
(b) During the recording of All or Nothing, the now 23- and 22-year-old Billy and Charlotte broke off their engagement, which they'd announced onstage in 2005.

To get over that (as well as Billy's voice-threatening problems with his vocal cords) as a band, and produce any kind of second album is kinda impressive.

And judging by 'Alright', as well as 'Girls and Boys' (see previous post to download) the signs for their second album are certainly promising, regardless of the personal drama.

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