Wednesday, 7 May 2008

OK so I didn't post yesterday, but...

OK there's no excuse, tho it was a busy day (a birthday in fact: Happy Birthday for yesterday, Joe!). But here's some new Oasis demos....

...yeah, that phrase might not herald joy to most music-lovers' ears anymore.
And sure, Oasis are hardly on the cutting edge of musical relevance.
But there can't be that many, even among the people who now dismiss them as a creative force, who never thought Morning Glory or Definitely Maybe were awesome albums.
Oasis were maybe the first band I got into, when I was twelve or something, so it kinda seems vaguely fitting (in a completely self-centred and narcissistic way of course) that today, the last day of me being a teenager (!!?!SHOCKHORROReek!!!?) that Oasis feature.
And quite apart from nostalgia, I've come to like Noel Gallagher quite a lot recently, because of his appearance's on Russell Brand's radio show, a podcast I unreservedly recommend.

The demos are on Maybe Here Now. Go visit and download afore they're pulled off of the internets.

I haven't listened to them enough yet to comment intelligently, but I do, after a couple of listens, like this (Noel's favourite, apparently):

mp3: Oasis - Stop the Clocks

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