Wednesday, 14 May 2008

New Rapture Track...thank you video game soundtracks :)

From within a slew of slightly underwhelming new tracks from established bands (I'm hoping that 'Rage (Rat Is Dead)', 'Violet Hill' and 'Hippy's Son' aren't the best things on the new albums from CSS, Coldplay and Dirty Pretty Things respectively; as for Oasis and The Vines, I've kinda given up hope :( ), comes something actually totally awesome, from none other than The Rapture.

Produced by Timbaland (how many times have you read that phrase recently... Google gives 128,000 results...), 'No Sex for Ben' is on the soundtrack to Grand Theft Auto IV, specifically on the 'indie' station, Radio Broker, which is DJed by none other than Juliette Lewis.

mp3: The Rapture - No Sex for Ben
(from Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack)

Soundtracks, especially game soundtracks, seem to have loads of hidden gems. The soundtrack to Driver: Parallel Lines features a track by none other than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (I wanna new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album pleeeease...), and none other than Regina Spektor pops up on the soundtrack to the new Narnia movie (euurgh..) with a new song (if anyone knows how I'd get hold of it, pleeeease let me know...).

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs track, which also appears on the Spiderman 3 soundtrack, is insanely good, though I don't know whether it would have fitted on Show Your Bones. Download it:

mp3: Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sealings
(from the Spiderman 3 OST)

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