Monday, 26 May 2008

New Albert Hammond Jr. Single - 'GfC'

First single off the new album, out 7 July, ¿Cómo te Llama?:

mp3: [mp3 removed]
(from ¿Cómo te Llama?)

00:10 - Ooh this is quite catchy. *Smiles, moves from side to side a little bit*
0:25 - "Inside me there's a sad machine" - awww. Poor Albert. Only time will tell whether I shall regret being heir to this knowledge about a machine inside Albert's body.
1:00 - We've had the chorus (during which Albert sounds drunk) and I still don't know what 'GfC' means?! 'Girlfriend Coma'? 'Good for Centre'? 'Graham for Carlos'? 'Graham from California'? 'Graham-free Cereal'? Albert doesn't like Cinammon Grahams?! Or even just ordinary Golden Grahams? Well good, coz they're made by Nestlé and Nestlé are EVIL.
1:10 - OMG this sounds EXACTLY like 'The Sweet Escape' by Gwen Stefani!! With a slightly different pattern of 'woo'-s. This is A Good Thing.
2:10 - Ooh, guitar solo. Much better than Akon wailing about being locked up in his Lamborghini Gallardo or whatever. Akon Schmakon.
3:07 - Oh, it's finished, and there was me spending the last minute of the song thinking about Akon. Oh well, best listen to it again :)


Dee said...

00:10 - Ooh this is quite catchy. *Smiles, moves from side to side a little bit*

Actually couldn't agree more!

Dee said...

Ok, GfC has been bugging me. Lots.

Gel filtration chromatography?

Georgia forestry commission?

Going for coffee?

Gas filter correlation?

The geology fav: Granulite facies complexes?

I can't find the answer anywhere :(


Marika said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

Grand father clock?