Thursday, 29 May 2008

More New Coldplay - 'Lovers in Japan'

Right here, ready and waiting for y'all to download, listen to, and be happy to:

mp3: Coldplay - Lovers in Japan
(from Viva la Vida or Death And All His Friends)

Very understated for the first two minutes, so much reverb I'd almost think it was fake or a weird pirate recording if the NME review of the album didn't call the song "a jaunty piano rollock drenched in enought 'Joshua Tree' reverb to demolish Red Rocks). The second half does indeed feel rather jaunty, with a piano riff that makes you bounce up and down a little bit in your seat when the drums come in at 2:37. Also, given the reverb and the fact that (again, according to the NME review - an 8/10 if you're interested) "they say they've been influenced by My Bloody Valentine" - would it be silly to suggest that the title might possibly be a reference to Lost in Translation?

There's not much in the lyrics that I can confirm or deny that with ("So come on up, just be patient, don't worry" - that's about it, it's actually very close to being instrumental). The first half of the song certainly isn't too far from that movie's (excellent) soundtrack. Or is it revelatory of my inner prejudices that 'Lovers in Japan' makes me think of two Americans, an older guy and a younger woman? Or is it just my love for that movie?

Aaaaanyway - new Coldplay! Yay! And it's interesting, not obvious. This is A Good Thing.


Dee said...

I agree it does seem a bit fake.. not sure if I like it as much as some of the others..
Violet Hill ftw, closly followed by Viva la Vida methinks..

Anyway, ta for that!

(I'm in a very commenty mood lol)

Dee said...

*edits, without an edit button*

I posted a bit too early.. Second half much better than first, but still not as good as VH or VlV : )